Cloud solutions

Flexible access to resources, easy scaling, data security and access from anywhere in the world and savings on hardware resources. All these are cloud technologies that we integrate painlessly into your business.

Virtual infrastructure based on VMware and Hyper-V

Modern flexible cloud infrastructure, providing up to 99.9% guaranteed cloud availability for business-critical data and applications and the organization of "hot reserve" sites

S3 Object Storage

Compatible with Amazon S3 - 98% Scalable storage for static website content, backups, archives, corporate documents.

Digital platform VK Cloud Platform

A completely Russian cloud platform built on the basis of open source software and providing cloud services for more than 8 thousand developers. Along with standard IaaS services, the platform provides more than 20 PaaS services for developers and DevOps. Part of VKCP is the Kubernetes distribution kit, the only one in Russia certified by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

VDI Virtual Workstations

We will deploy virtual desktops of any configuration for convenient and secure remote work in a few hours.


Integration of the computing power of the organization into an internal cloud with financial control for each project, automated provision of resources (pay as you go) and information security control.

Development Platform

Acceleration and standardization of application writing for micro-service architecture with automation of the development process (code creation, testing, integration of test and production environments).

Data Platform

Combining data in an organization for analysis and monetization. Design of unified data warehouses, data lakes and data storefronts. Fast creation of processing processes and models for predictive analytics.

Fast reaction

Our team guarantees a prompt response to customer requests 24/7. In case of serious malfunctions, we involve maximum specialists in the work.

Nothing extra

Everything is clear and to the point, reasoned and fast


The Axios team consists of specialists with different competencies, so we solve all the problems that arise for our clients - from component breakdowns to improving the operation of individual system components and software updates.