Equipment and software supplies

Delivery of hardware solutions, launch of pilot projects of backup systems, provision of licenses, development of architecture and documentation for processes.

Hardware solutions

Постановки серверов и СД, сетевого оборудования для датацентров и сетевого оборудования до конца, NGFW, балансировщиков приложений. Техническая поддержка - Lenovo, HP, Huawei, IBM, Dell.

Database management System

Server and user operating systems, directory services, DBMS, Monitoring and administration of corporate databases based on PostgreSQL

Backup systems

We will launch a pilot project, provide licenses and systems for the test We will develop an architecture for the implementation of services We will develop and issue documentation for the RC and DR processes We will prepare the infrastructure for the implementation process We will carry out work on the implementation of IBS on the basis of any of the vendors presented, we will ensure the safety of data

Private and public clouds

Server virtualization and desktop virtualization Public Cloud platforms and Cloud-Native platforms Technical support - VMware.

IT infrastructure monitoring and management systems

Mass management and configuration control of managed devices, hardware and software file inventory

Digital workplace

Corporate messengers Editors Cloud systems Postal systems Corporate Cloud storage Corporate platform for storing and managing media files Videoconferencing platforms Voice communication platforms

Corporate Big Data storage and processing platform

Migrations from foreign data warehouses (replacing IBM, SAP, Oracle, etc.), the introduction of an Enterprise-level ETL tool Replacing knowledge management systems (replacing Confluence, SharePoint)