We provide protection of physical and virtual infrastructure and user data at all levels in accordance with domestic and international security standards and legal requirements

Protecting CII

We create and provide protection for CII facilities on a turnkey basis, and modernize the security system in accordance with changes in laws and documents.

Comprehensive information security audits and categorization

We analyze and audit requirements, carry out a range of categorization works

Protection of personal data and confidential information

We implement security systems, prepare documentation, and assist during regulatory checks

Maintenance of information security systems (Outsourcing of information security service functions)

We provide complete information security outsourcing, revive non-working systems, and ensure future development. Experienced engineers ensure uninterrupted operation in multiple shifts

Technical support for cybersecurity systems

We reduce downtime of cyber systems and guarantee the elimination of emerging problems within a clear time frame.

Construction of SOC

We build SOC on the customer’s side using modern and proven solutions from the Russian market, taking into account the requirements for import substitution

Fast reaction

Our team guarantees a prompt response to customer requests 24/7. In case of serious malfunctions, we involve maximum specialists in the work.

Nothing extra

Everything is clear and to the point, reasoned and fast


The Axios team consists of specialists with different competencies, so we solve all the problems that arise for our clients - from component breakdowns to improving the operation of individual system components and software updates.